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Case Studies On The Restoration And Retrofitting Of Heritage Churches And Buildings In The Philippines (For presentation)
Geophysical Characterization for the Proposed Metro Manila Subway (For presentation)
Methodology for Cavity Detection under Multi-level Buildings in the Karstic Island of Boracay, Philippines (For presentation)
Engineering Projects that Involve Mangroves as Solution Eric C. Cruz
Hydrodynamic analysis of Leyte Tide Embankment against coastal flooding due to Typhoon Haiyan 2013 Eric C. Cruz
Simulative analysis of the propagation of a far-source historical tsunami onto Philippine coasts Eric C. Cruz
Coastal engineering analysis and design of a fetch-limited storm-tracked lacustrine marina Andrei Raphael P. Dita
Case study of nearshore currents hazard analysis for recreational beach development Eric C. Cruz
Multi-criteria ratings methodology for suitability evaluation of open-deck pier sites Ismael Aargorn D. Inocencio
Design methodology and feasibility analysis of an embankment type pier with a working platform against coastal hazards along a small Philippine island (For presentation)
Simulative analysis of saline discharge into a coastal bay (For presentation)
Numerical modelling of wave penetration into a lake marina harbor with multiple entrances (For presentation)
Analysis of saline effluent dispersion and transport around an engineered beach development project Eric C. Cruz
Geohazard and Geotechnical Assessment for Reclamation Projects in the Philippines (For presentation)
Assessment and Mitigation of Earthquake-Induced Landslides in Philippine Infrastructure Rodgie Ello B. Cabungcal
Utilization of Geoinformatics for Geohazard Assessment in Philippine Infrastructure Cedric Jon Manzano
Geotechnical and Seismic Design Considerations for Earth Dams in the Philippines Gian Paulo D. Reyes
Hydraulic analysis of wave penetration into a marina harbor with vertical-wall breakwaters under a historical typhoon Eric C. Cruz
Coastal hazard analysis and engineering design for the rehabilitation of overtopped RB Seawall along Manila Bay Eric C. Cruz
Geological and Geotechnical Characterization for the Rehabilitation of the North-South Philippine Railway System Jenna Carmela C. Pallarca
Seismic Hazard Analysis for Public Infrastructure in Metro Manila Patrick Adrian Y. Selda (ARC) & Poster Presentation (ICEGE)
Earthquake-Resistant Design of Stabilization Systems for Natural Pyroclastic Slopes in a Seismically Active Region Poster Presentation
Geological and Geotechnical Characterization of the Guadalupe Tuff Formation for the Proposed Metro Manila Subway Karen Joy R. Leobrera
Numerical modeling of storm surge and waves and preliminary engineering against overtopping of Roxas Boulevard Seawall Eric C. Cruz
Simulative analysis of the mitigation effectiveness of Leyte Tide Embankment against coastal flooding under Typhoon Yolanda 2013 Eric C. Cruz
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Efforts against Storm Surge in the Philippines Eric C. Cruz
Design of a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) for a Residential Subdivision Development in the Philippines Benedict Requejo
Application of LiDAR Data in combination with Drone Aerial Photography for Geohazard Assessment and Mitigation in Philippine Infrastructures Ramon D. Quebral
Application of Geotechnical Monitoring (Slope Monitoring and Early Warning System) for Risk Reduction in Philippine Infrastructure Jenna Carmela C. Pallarca
State of Practice of Design of Large Dams in the Philippines Laurice Angeli V. Villaflor
Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) of Batangas Province, Philippines Patrick Adrian Y. Selda
High Reinforced Soil Structures in a Mountainous and Seismically Active Region in Luzon, Philippines John Michael B. Gargullo
Geohazard Mitigation in the Design of Offshore Structures for a Luxury Island Resort in the Philippines Jose Carlo Eric L. Santos
Coastal engineering and external stability analyses of a segmented-block cargo-port bulkhead against hazard loadings Eric C. Cruz
Hydraulic analysis and engineering of Roxas Boulevard Seawall against storm surge and typhoon waves Eric C. Cruz
Numerical analysis of nearshore seawater circulations around a protected beach zone Eric C. Cruz
Stability analysis of a gravity-type seawall for the hazard-based coastal protection of Roxas Boulevard Eric C. Cruz
Analysis of dispersion and transport of saline water discharge around an engineered beach coast Eric C. Cruz
Numerical modeling of storm wave overtopping around a caisson breakwater due to Typhoon Haiyan 2013 Eric C. Cruz
Preliminary analysis of storm surge overtopping safety of the proposed Tacloban-Palo-Tanauan Tide Embankment Karl Derrick S. Rizabal
Stability analysis against natural hazard loadings of articulated concrete blocks for a cargo port bulkhead Eric C. Cruz
Preliminary engineering of a seawall to mitigate typhoon-induced wave overtopping along Roxas Boulevard, Manila Eric C. Cruz
Analysis of engineering feasibility of an open pier against coastal hazards along Luzon Island Ismael Aragorn D. Inocencio
Coastal engineering design for a stable beach resort development along Davao Gulf Laurenz Luigi B. Cruz
Foundation Design and Construction Considerations for Buildings in Urban Areas John Michael B. Gargullo
Application of Geotechnical (Slope) Monitoring as Early Warning System for Hazard Mitigation and Risk Reduction in an Industrial Facility in Central Philippines John Erickson B. Delos Santos
Liquefaction: Assessment Methodologies and Mitigation by Ground Improvement Michael Paolo V. Follosco & Flor Angel G. Prelligera
Design Considerations for Soil-Nailed Walls and Slopes John Erickson B. Delos Santos
Analysis of Laterally-loaded Pile Foundation: Structural and Geotechnical Considerations Michael Paolo V. Follosco
Construction Cost Curves for Slope Stabilization Measures in Cohesionless Soils Jaylord U. Tan Tian
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