Project Title

Technical Due Diligence Studies for Seaoil Bangar Depot


Seaoil Philippines, Inc.


Bangar, La Union

Seaoil Philippines, Inc. engaged AMH to conduct the geohazard assessment, hydrologic and hydraulic study and coastal engineering study for a proposed oil depot in Bangar, La Union. The site is bounded by the West Philippine Sea to the west and the Busilac River to the east. The headwater of Busilac River is Borobor river which is perpendicular to the coast. The Borobor River used to empty directly into the sea but its flow was deflected with the formation of the sandbar to become the Busilac River.

These conditions presented particular risks that necessitated the multi-hazard assessment related to construction and operation of the facilities. Seaoil sought to understand flood/inundation potention from surface runoff, critical heights and directions of wave driven by prevailing winds, typohoones and even tsunamis. These information would serve as onward guide to design decisions such as finished levels within the plant, designs of pier and/or mooring facilities, operational considerations in the movement of design vessels and coastal as well as flood hazard protections systems.