Project Title

Structural Investigation, Assessment and Design for GERI Renaissance 5000


Global-Estate Resorts, Inc.



Renaissance 5000 was intended to be a 33-story residential structure which began construction in 1996. The substructure, composed of three levels of basement, was completed before the construction was put on hold the following year due to the Asian Financial Crisis. Variations in loading, as well as changes in the applicable structural and building codes, required a complete redesign of the structural plans for the superstructure of the building. The new design also required consideration of structural integrity and capacity of the substructure, taking into account the existing condition of the in-situ materials.

AMH undertook inspection, sampling, and testing works for Global-Estate Resorts, Inc. (GERI), as part of its engagement for the Structural Assessment and Investigation of the existing floors of Renaissance 5000. The data collected and analyzed was used to verify the specifications indicated in the For Construction Drawings (FCD) provided by GERI, and was used for the analysis of the existing design of the lower levels.

It was found out the concrete and rebar capacities were deficient insofar as the current standards are concerned. Structural analysis showed that existing members were insufficient to carry the additional loads of the superstructure and the seismic forces calculated based on the latest codes. As a result, GERI decided to demolish the existing basement levels and commissioned AMH to redesign the superstructure together with the foundation and the basement levels.