Project Title

Structural Assessment and Retrofit Design for Army & Navy Club


Oceanville Hotel and Spa Corporation


T.M. Kalaw, Manila

AMH was engaged by the Oceanville Hotel & Spa Corporation (OHSC) to undertake the sampling, testing, structural analysis and design of the Army & Navy Club located in T.M. Kalaw Ext. in the city of Manila. Built in the 1910s and rebuilt after the war in the 1940s, OHSC intended to assess retention of the structural framing of the 6,000 m3 structure leading towards the re-development of the historical facility. AMH undertook a full range of tests/surveys, including concrete coring, ferroscanning, rebound hammer, carbonation, radiography, crack and geotechnical outputs which served as inputs to the STAAD.Pro finite element model in the preparation of a retrofit design.