Project Title

Site Development of San Francisco Heights and San Francisco Place


Stateland, Inc.


Calamba, Laguna

San Francisco Place and San Francisco Heights are adjacent development with a total area of 40.19 has. located about 50kms south of Manila, accessible through the South Expressway, via the Calamba Exit. Stateland Inc. engaged AMH to carry out the detailed civil works design for the site development of the said residential subdivisions located at Brgy. Palo Alto, Calamba, Laguna. The objective of the consultancy services is the preparation of detailed design documents sufficient for the application for development permits and the eventual construction of the project. Specifically, AMH is undertaking analysis and design work for the roads, including road horizontal and vertical alignments; earthworks/leveling, including targeted balanced cut/fill; pavement (recommended cross sections); combined storm drainage and sewer collection, including type of conveyance and discharge points; water system, including supply from the identified well point and distribution system, site fencing, and fire protection (hydrants).