Seismic Hazard Analysis for Public Infrastructure in Metro Manila

Author: Patrick Adrian Y. Selda, Roy Anthony C. Luna (MSCE), Ramon D. Quebral (PhD), John Michael B. Gargullo (MSCE), Karen Joy, R. Leobrer (MSCE), Emmanuel D. Marasigan, Mark Jay P. Armario, and Monica P. Baniquett

Presenter: Patrick Adrian Y. Selda (ARC) & Poster Presentation (ICEGE)

Metro Manila is the Philippines’ National Capital Region and the nation’s political, economic and cultural center. Several transport infrastructure, including the expansion of its current light rail transit (LRT), new elevated highways, and the first subway system, are either under construction or in the detailed engineering design stage. Being situated in tectonically active zone, the seismic design of this major infrastructure is a primary consideration. This paper presents a seismic hazard analysis aimed at contributing to the robust and cost-effective design of public infrastructure. The results of the study are also compared with the provisions of the National Structural Code of the Philippines (2015), and the Philippine Earthquake Model (2017).


7th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering (2019) – Rome, Italy; 16th Asian Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (2019) – Taipei, Taiwan; 7th International Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference (2021) – Sydney, Australia

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