Project Title

Rizal Province Water Supply Improvement Project


Sta. Clara International Corporation


Cardona, Rizal

Manila Water Company, Inc. (MWC), the main provider of water and used-water services to more than six million people in the East Zone of Metro Manila, engaged the consortium of Sta. Clara International Corporation and OTV to undertake the improvement of water services in the Rizal Province. To ensure the successful implementation of the project, AMH was engaged for the full structural analysis and design of several of the facilities of the water treatment plant, including the Dual Media Filter, Wastewater Storage Tank, Sludge Dewatering Building, Intake Pumping Station, Treated Water Reservoir, and Reverse Osmosis Tank, among others. The facility is expected to treat up to 50 Million Liters per Day (MLD) of potable water, and benefit around 400,000 residents in the municipalities of the Rizal Province.