Project Title

Geotechnical and Geohazard Assessment for Various Geothermal Projects


Energy Development Corporation


Balamban, Cebu

Energy Development Corporation (EDC) continues to engage AMH Philippines, Inc. to conduct rapid and thorough geotechnical and geohazard risk assessments for their various geothermal production fields around the country. AMH aims to formulate risk reduction measures and provide cost-effective mitigation designs.

Complementing this, AMH is also developing an integrated real-time slope monitoring and early warning system in all the geothermal business units of EDC. The monitoring system collects tilt angle, soil moisture and rainfall amount that provides significant data on the current condition of the monitored slopes.

Just recently, an earthquake struck Mindanao, and several facilities in Mt. Apo Geothermal Business Unit (EDC-MAGBU) were damaged. As such, AMH, with continued partnership with EDC, provided technical consultancy services, and conducted series of site inspections, undertaken rapid hazard assessments of the critical facilities and recommended various risk reduction measures.

As part of its efforts at Disaster Risk Reduction, another undertaking of EDC that AMH conducted was the Morphological Study of Bacon-Manito Geothermal Business Unit (EDC-BGBU). The study aimed to conduct a detailed geohazard assessment and geomorphological interpretation of the whole business unit. Interpretation of the topography generated by LiDAR, paralleled with series of site inspections, produced detailed hazard susceptibility maps for landslides, flash floods, siltation, and debris flows.