Project Title

Geotechnical and Structural Assessment for Various Bridges in SCTEX and NLEX


NLEX Corp.


North Luzon Expressway and Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway

In response to the worsening condition of infrastructure managed by NLEX Corp due to earthquakes, scouring, and deterioration thru time, AMH was tasked to undertake various projects aimed at assessing, and designing preventive measures to mitigate hazards to their infrastructure and restore it to serviceable levels.

AMH conducted geotechnical, and structural assessments of nineteen (19) bridges in SCTEX, fifteen (15) bridges in NLEX, and several roadway embankments wherein various repair measures were proposed to rehabilitate the bridges’ structural integrity and stability of the roadway embankments in the aftermath of the Central Luzon Earthquake that happened on April 22, 2019. A hydrologic study was also conducted in response to scouring in the foundation of one of the bridges. This led to the design of a pier protection scheme to ensure its stability.

AMH was also tasked to perform inventory checks, and design for retrofits of bridges that showed deterioration due to age. In addition, due to an ongoing effort by NLEX Corp to improve their methodology for assessing their highway infrastructures, AMH formulated qualitative and quantitative methods for assessing bridge conditions so NLEX can better evaluate the bridge’s condition.