Project Title

Design Review of the Mariveles 600MW Coal-Fired Power Plant


Shanghai Electric Power Corp.


Dinginin, Mariveles, Bataan

GN Power Ltd. had selected the consortium of Powerchina / SEPCPC as its design-build contractor for the Proposed Coal-Fired Power Plant in Dinginin, Mariveles, Bataan. The contractor required competent technical support to ensure that the design plans and specifications are consistent with the standards of the local and national government. As a result of this requirement, SEPCPC commissioned AMH as its local consultant to provide technical services and assistance in order to comply with the requirements of various agencies during the pre-construction and construction stages.

AMH provided a reviewed and approved a total of 108 sets of signed and sealed structures which were submitted to GNPower Ltd. For internal approval of design and to the Local Government Unit of Bataan for permit purposes. AMH also sent technical reviewers for the various design review meetings in Shanghai and Henan, China to discuss the concerns of various structures.