Project Title

Architectural and Detailed Engineering Design for Various Shell Service Stations


Pilipinas Shell Corporation


Various Sites

Pilipinas Shell Corporation is one of the fastest growing fuel retailers in the Philippines. Service Stations are continually developed to include the clerical facilities for the retail operations and the configuration of the fuel bay.

AMH continues to provide complete architectural and engineering services for various sites. AMH’s scope includes geodetic surveys, preliminary layout, architectural, structural, plumbing, civil works, electrical, communication, mechanical and geotechnical investigation for both permitting and construction phase.

AMH also conducts site inspections (one touch) in addition to topographic and relocation surveys to serve as groundwork for the preliminary layout and civil works. Site layout is provided using user specifications, which include the number of underground tanks, types of product dispensed, number of pumps, clerk’s office, locker room, and sanitary facilities. Following the approval of the layout, AMH prepares the detailed engineering design. Quantity Survey is also prepared upon the completion of the design.