Stability analysis of a gravity-type seawall for the hazard-based coastal protection of Roxas Boulevard

Author: Eric C. Cruz, Laurenz Luigi B. Cruz, Jose Carlo Eric L. Santos, Maria Elena L. del Rosario

Presenter: Eric C. Cruz

Roxas Boulevard Seawall is an important infrastructure of Roxas Boulevard which links Manila to the northern and southern urban transport networks. After its collapse in 2011 at the height of typhoon Nesat, a coastal engineering study was undertaken mainly to provide the engineering design basis for its rehabilitation. The study also provided the basis for the subsequent preliminary design of a new seawall. This paper discusses the methodology and results of the subsequent stability analysis of a gravity-type seawall structure that meets the hydraulic design bases. The hazard loadings include the historical storm waves, meteorological tides and seismic loading. The methodology accounts for hazard and sustained loads that are combined in accordance with the engineering manuals and local codes. For this site, the analyses indicate, among other things, that the external stability is governed by a sliding failure under typhoon conditions, while bearing capacity and overturning failure modes are governed by seismic loading without a storm.


8th Regional Symposium on Infrastructure Development in Civil Engineering, 25-26 October 2018

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