Preliminary engineering of a seawall to mitigate typhoon-induced wave overtopping along Roxas Boulevard, Manila

Author: Eric C. Cruz, Jose Carlo Eric L. Santos, Laurenz Luigi B. Cruz

Presenter: Eric C. Cruz

Roxas Boulevard (Fig. 1) is a crucial national road of the urban transport system of Metro Manila. The road is protected from the sea hazards of Manila Bay by Roxas Boulevard Seawall. This gravity-type seawall also protects the important recreational promenade and high-value properties behind the wall. The seawall was overtopped several times by recent strong typhoons. In 2011, it collapsed after storm surges and waves generated by Typhoon Nesat overtopped it and caused substantial flooding of a vast urban area of Manila city just behind the seawall. It was rebuilt quickly after that but only to be overtopped again by severe storm tides and high waves from subsequent strong typhoons. A study was commissioned by the national public works agency DPWH to understand the causative processes and provide basis for suitable mitigating solutions against overtopping of the seawall. This study discusses the typhoon-induced hydrodynamics in Manila Bay and the preliminary engineering undertaken to design one of the engineering interventions that were recommended to mitigate seawall overtopping.


36th International Conference on Coastal Engineering (ICCE 2018), July 30- Aug. 3, 2018, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A

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