Numerical analysis of nearshore seawater circulations around a protected beach zone

Author: Eric C. Cruz, Jose Carlo Eric L. Santos

Presenter: Eric C. Cruz

Numerical analysis of tide- and wind-induced (TWI) circulation is carried out for a 220-m longshore reach of a protected nearshore of a beach coast. The tide and wind boundary conditions from the ocean are brought to the local domain of the study area by mesh nesting technique. The results indicate the magnitudes of interior TWI current, circulation characteristics, and the effects of flood and ebb flows on the shoreline and maximum current intensities. While limited by the selected months of wind forcing, the numerical results suggest that TWI currents within the protected beach zone are principally tide-driven, and are insignificantly influenced by seasonal winds.


8th Regional Symposium on Infrastructure Development in Civil Engineering, 25-26 October 2018

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