Hydraulic analysis and engineering of Roxas Boulevard Seawall against storm surge and typhoon waves

Author: Eric C. Cruz

Presenter: Eric C. Cruz

RB Seawall is a public works infrastructure that protects Roxas Boulevard national road and its promenade. The seawall was overtopped several times during recent strong typhoons, one of which caused its collapse in 2011 that led to disastrous flooding of the boulevard and high-value developed lands behind the seawall. This paper discusses the coastal engineering analyses that were carried out to understand the cause of overtopping and provide the bases for the subsequent wave overtopping mitigating solutions. The hydraulic analyses include the numerical simulation of storm tide levels and storm waves due to the critical historical typhoons, while the preliminary engineering discusses the synthesized design conditions, vertical siting and resulting seawall cross-section.


PICE 44th National Convention and Technical Conference, 2018 October 29-31

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