Geohazard Mitigation in the Design of Offshore Structures for a Luxury Island Resort in the Philippines

Author: Jose Carlo Eric L. Santos (MSCE), John Michael B. Gargullo (MSCE), and Joanne Marie T. Parafina

Presenter: Jose Carlo Eric L. Santos

The Philippines has many tropical islands which offer relaxing environments surrounded by pristine water and diverse marine life. To promote these as tourist destinations, offshore structures have to be provided to make the white sandy beach available all year round, independent from the seasonal changes of prevailing winds. However, the country is exposed to several geohazards, making the construction of offshore structures complicated. This paper discusses the determination of design conditions and the selection of acceptable risks that were used as basis for the design, as well as the design methodology undertaken to mitigate the risks imposed by these geohazards.


The Twenty-eighth (2018) International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference – Sapporo, Japan

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