Foundation Design and Construction Considerations for Buildings in Urban Areas

Author: Roy Anthony C. Luna, John Michael B. Gargullo, Regine Chloe S. Albea, and Rodgie Ello B. Cabungcal

Presenter: John Michael B. Gargullo

An evident example of continuous development in urban areas is the construction of buildings. This paper presents the importance of the geotechnical conditions and types of buildings in the foundation design and construction considerations. Geological hazards are also considered to determine the suitability of each type of foundations on a specific area. Foundation analysis and design process are also presented. Depending on the type of the building (based on height) and the geotechnical conditions, foundation design may differ. For example, for low-rise buildings, shallow foundation may be more suitable and more economical. These factors are deemed necessary to address in providing stable and cost-effective design of foundations.


PICE 8th Region VIII Technical Conference (2016)

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