Engineering Projects that Involve Mangroves as Solution

Author: Eric C. Cruz

Presenter: Eric C. Cruz

Engineering methodologies are incorporated into community-based programs of mangrove rehabilitation in Panay Island that aim to provide viable protection to eroding typhoon-frequented Philippine coastlines. These involve analyses of storm waves and formulation of an engineering solution to promote calmer wave conditions around a pilot planting site. The study mainly involves the use of wave simulations to determine the wave loadings on the planting areas with site-specific data on winds, tides and seabed topography. Suitable design criteria based on the project’s economic constraints and logistics are used to adapt the solution to the site. The incorporation of engineering approach into the project helps ensure a higher success rate in terms of mangrove survival rate and recovery of eroded backshore, as indicated by an initial post-construction monitoring of waves in the planting site and backshore sediment accretion.


4th National Mangrove Conference. 24-27 November 2020 (invited paper)

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