Earthquake-Resistant Design of Stabilization Systems for Natural Pyroclastic Slopes in a Seismically Active Region

Author: Jose Carlo Eric L. Santos (MSCE), John Michael B. Gargullo (MSCE), Patrick Adrian Y. Selda, Aloysius Kristoffer Alipio, and Abigael A. Gonzales

Presenter: Poster Presentation

Land development projects usually result in the alteration of natural terrain in order to provide necessary modern infrastructure. A particular site in Pampanga, Philippines, requires certain natural slopes to be modified thus affecting the slopes’ inherent equilibrium condition. Because of land development requirements, the toe of the slopes had to be cut to make way for a road connecting to other key areas of the property. Since the site is located in a seismically active region, the stability of the altered slopes becomes more complicated and needs to be addressed properly to avoid safety risks and property damage.

This paper focuses on the methodology used to develop an earthquake-resistant design of the selected slope stabilization measure. It also discusses how the geotechnical and seismic parameters were selected which were used in the formulation of the slope numerical model and the subsequent stability analysis.


7th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering (2019) – Rome, Italy

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