Construction Cost Curves for Slope Stabilization Measures in Cohesionless Soils

Author: Edgardo P. Kasilag II, Arlene Q. Buenaventura, and Jaylord U. Tan Tian

Presenter: Jaylord U. Tan Tian

Failure of slopes in varying magnitudes of damage and different risk-potential requires engineering measures to address critical slope surfaces and reduce its associated risks. These measures, which are intuitively proportional to the magnitude of failure, result in varying construction costs that are borne by end-users such as private developers, contractors, and government agencies such as local government units.

The paper reviews various slope stabilization techniques for cohesionless soils such as modification of existing grades/slopes, reinforced earth structures and soil nailing, and evaluates the behavior of construction cost based on slope geometry, fixed properties of the soil mass and seismic conditions. Methods for analysis of slope stability, soil shear strength parameters and criteria for acceptable factors of safety are also discussed.


Presented at: PICE 37th National Convention – Cagayan de Oro

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