Case study of nearshore currents hazard analysis for recreational beach development

Author: Clint Chester M. Reyes, Eric C. Cruz, Jose Carlo Eric L. Santos

Presenter: Eric C. Cruz

In conjunction with a coastal resort and beach development project along the elongated island of Palawan, a long open beach coast exposed to swells and wind waves from West Philippine Sea is analyzed in terms of its suitability for recreational beach activities. The project coast has a total length of 4.28 km opening to the northwest direction. Two project coasts, one with a coastline of 1.14 km, another with 2.14 km, are to be studied to determine the following: (1) human safety of the beach coasts to swimmers, and (2) to determine the optimal location of a beach pier for small boats. 

This paper presents the methodology used in the assessment of wave-induced nearshore currents, local prevailing waves, and longshore movement of sediments, in relation to beach swimming safety. The paper also discusses the simulation of storm wave fields to determine the inland incursion of waves for purposes of beach site development planning.


37th Virtual Conference on Coastal Engineering (vICCE 2020), ASCE

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