Analysis of Laterally-loaded Pile Foundation: Structural and Geotechnical Considerations

Author: Michael Paolo V. Follosco (MSCE), Roy Anthony C. Luna (MSCE) and Benjamin R. Buensuceso, Jr. (Ph.D.)

Presenter: Michael Paolo V. Follosco

Deep foundations, utilizing driven piles or bored piles, are primarily designed to carry axial loads. Geotechnical capacity is established using well-known empirical or semi-empirical methods and validated by pile load testing. An equally important component of pile foundation design is the consideration of the lateral capacity. Lateral loads on pile foundation, mainly due to earthquake, are oftentimes considerable. This paper presents various methods in calculating lateral capacity of piles, both driven and cast-in-place. The need for reliable geotechnical parameters, obtained through a reasonably exhaustive geotechnical investigation, is emphasized, aimed at coming up with cost-effective design. Structural and geotechnical criteria are also discussed and case study is presented.


PICE Midyear National Convention 2013, SBMA

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