Analysis of dispersion and transport of saline water discharge around an engineered beach coast

Author: Eric C. Cruz, Jose Carlo Eric L. Santos

Presenter: Eric C. Cruz

The dispersion and transport of a saline effluent discharge (SED) into the nearshore area of a developed beach zone is studied via numerical modeling based on the dispersion-advection equation of a conservative quantity at the source. Tidal currents modified by the engineering structures are characterized via a coastal hydrodynamics model considering both tidal forcing and non-storm wind shear during tidal cycles of the 2 seasons. Simulated time-motion salinity distributions are analyzed to yield indicative resurgence times and statistical maximum salinities to compare the dispersion patterns due to SED introduction at 2 alternative locations.


8th Regional Symposium on Infrastructure Development in Civil Engineering, 25-26 October 2018

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